isvNote ...

is a simple (file) editor, browser, viewer, encryptor and manager, that can be used to edit all plain ASCII files (like .txt, .htm(l), xml, .bat, .css, .php, .log files) and RTF files.

Version 4 has several improvements and enhancements. For example, it is now possible to view/browse the contents of all files (though we do not recommend to edit all of these in isvNote). Also the user has more possiblities to change program settings.

The editor is WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get); the length of the text lines on Your screen are automatically adjusted to the width of Your standard printing paper.

isvNote screenshot

We use the program mostly as a browser/viewer to quickly scan (and print) the contents of the above mentioned files -and subsequently do a quick edit to correct spelling or grammar errors, improve the lay out- as well as for quickly moving, renaming or deleting files. In isvNote files are shown as plain text with the exception of HTML and RTF files that are shown formatted. HTML files can be opened as plain text for editing.

Another aid in quickly viewing files is the file selector, that visually shows You the files on Your hard disk(s). Selecting a file in the file selector will immediately show the content of that file in the editor/browser.

Furthermore it is possible to use favorites: folders, where files containing related subjects (like cooking recipes) are stored. By using the template function, one can give all Your HTML files a uniform look.

These two functions make it easy to set up a nice looking (cook) book on Your computer. Just group -for a cook book- Your recipes into chapters (folders) -like soups, salads, fish, pork, etc- and add them to the favourites menu. Via this menu and the browser/viewer function You now have easily access to Your soup recipes, etc. In case You want a recipe at hand in the kitchen, just print it out.

In short, isvNote offers quick and reliable access by (structurally) saving info in text (mostly .txt or .html) files. It will provide easy and quick viewing, printing, encrypting, renaming, copying, deleting, moving, editing, and formatting of files on Your computer.

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